This is NYRA’s official online chat room. Used for official meetings, or for just hanging out and chatting informally with other NYRA members. You can access it through this window or via an IRC client. If you wish to use IRC, the server is: (or :6697 for SSL) and the room is: #nyra.

Informal NYRA Chats

We’ve been running semimonthly informal online chats with NYRA members and supporters for several years now. These chats are a time for youth rights supporters to discuss the issues in real time and get to know each other. As it is informal, topic often strays away from youth rights, but feel free to discuss any youth rights issue you want. The chats are informal, and all topics are fair game, but overly vulgar, disruptive, abusive, or offensive comments are not permitted. Please refrain from this conduct or you will be removed from the chat.

These chats occur on the first Monday and third Tuesday of the month, and run from 8pm to midnight Eastern time. You do not need to come at the start time or leave when it ends; just enter and leave whenever you want. Once in the chat, go ahead and introduce yourself, especially if it’s your first time.

Official Meetings

We also hold our official board meetings and chapters meetings here in the chatroom. These are typically announced in the forum, so stay tuned for information on upcoming meetings. All members are encouraged to attend and observe the meetings, but please refrain from off topic discussion that would disrupt the meeting.