Youth Rights Survey

Click to access the youth rights survey. This survey is a great tool to use when you’re trying to recruit members for your chapter. By asking people to fill out the survey, you’ll get them talking about youth rights. The survey will also help you figure out what issues are popular at your school…you’ll want your chapter to work on the youth rights issues people care about. You’ll also be able to collect their names and e-mails to get in touch with them about meetings and events. Click here to download a Microsoft Word version of the survey. This will allow you to customize the survey with issues that are relevant to your school/community.

Chapter Handbook

Click to view the Chapter Handbook. The handbook is a step-by-step guide to chapter start-up. It explains what NYRA does and contains a detailed set of sample bylaws that you can use when forming your chapter. The handbook also advises active chapters on activities such as fundraising, organizing protests, and attracting media attention for their efforts.

How To Build and Maintain Press Coverage

Click to download the Media How-To Guide. One of the most important ways chapters can get their message across is by building a relationship with the media. This guide shows you how to publish a press release, conduct a media interview, and maintain that relationship with the press. It is a must-read for any Chapter looking to get a story published in the local newspaper or obtain an interview with a local TV or radio station.

How to Recruit New Members.

Click to download the Recruitment How-To Guide. Many new chapter leaders struggle to build up their membership bases. This strategy guide offers new, innovative techniques to attract new members. Read through our suggestions if you want to find new ways to recruit members!

How to Start a Student Defense Program

Click to download the Student Defense How-To Guide. This program, developed by NYRA Chapter Leader Chris Hardy, provides students with an advocate when they are subject to punishment by their school’s administration. This guide lays out the framework that any chapter can use to start a student defense program.

How to Develop an Action Plan

Click to download the Action Plan How-To Guide. This model, developed by the United Teen Equality Center, helps you think about the decision-makers you need to influence to further your campaign and what the proper path is to do so. It helps you to understand that the people you want to influence are influenced by others.

Sample Flyers

Flyers are useful when you want to promote an information session, event or meeting! You can customize our sample flyers by filling in your chapter name, event name, date, time, location, and a description. Put the flyers up around your school or community to advertise for your chapter!

Sample Flyer 1

Sample Flyer 2

Sample Flyer 3

Sample Flyer 4